KMSN & KBWI Photos

I had the opportunity to fly from KBWI to KMSN for work with a stop at KORD each way. Was able to grab a few snaps of planes I took from KMSN to KORD (American Eagle) and KBWI to KORD (United Express). Last two pictures are from KBWI when I was walking to the plane.


That is cool that there are still services where you can board from the ground like that rather than a jetway. Nice pictures. Thank you for sharing!


Nice pictures! Can I ask: which flight was better?
(I want to fly with American Eagle)

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Took United Express out and American Eagle home. This was my first American Eagle flight. They had no WiFi…which was a bummer because I was hoping to get some work done. United Express had it but I was able to expense it. Think it was $5 for the flight from KBWI to KORD. KORD to KMSN I didn’t care about the WiFi…it was literally 20 minutes in the air. The worst part about coming home was that there were wind gusts of 40-50 MPH last Wednesday morning. Very bumpy rides.

Also - when I board these types of planes, I always turn around after I climb the stairs and do a Presidential wave. It makes the flight attendants laugh.


I love the CRJ so much I have so many fond memories of flying New York to Toronto in these birds.


They are fun to fly! The American Eagle plane also had a one seat on one side of the aisle with two-seats across the aisle…I enjoyed sitting in the one seat side!


Wow, great pictures. I really love the CRJ, and the United, and American liveries look stunning on it.


These were taken with my Samsung s4 phone…wish i had a real camera with me…I live right next to kbwi…I should spot at the Avation park there someday. Lots of cool planes fly in and out of here.


Nice photos. I have only flown into KBWI once.

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