KMKC has a problem

KMKC is a lovely airport located in Downtown Kansas City but has always looked so odd. I’m not saying that every airport needs to correct their mistakes, but I’m saying that airports with such a huge mistakes to the point where it starts disrupting your visual image of the world after seeing such airports should be fixed.

List problems below:

An entire taxiway is missing, multiple ramp spaces are missing, the hold short lines are painted across the grass, theres only 3 spawns, and whatever that jumpled up ramp mess is on the left


Hey there, sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these issues. From what I’m able to see, this airport was an automatically generated airport and was added approximately 6 years ago, with no changes since. This also means that the standards the airport was previously generated to doesn’t match our current set of standards as we constantly evolve to improve the way we edit.

Given the way that Infinite Flight now has their airports edited, editors are free to choose any airport that they wish to work on. This means that this airport could either be waiting for an editor to pick it up, in the process of being edited, or completed and awaiting release, so we ask for your patience as fixing an airport like this isn’t just a 5 minute affair.

Again, I understand your frustration; I would be equally as frustrated if presented with this situation.


But didn’t you just said it has been 6 years which is a bit more than 5 minutes?

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I said that the airport was last edited 6 years ago, and having it brought up to today’s standards is going to take a long time. Editing an airport doesn’t just take 5 minutes.

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Okay thanks

Hey, DoggoNose55!

Following up on Lord’s reply, I’ve removed the erroneous lines from KMKC to make it a bit more appealing. The airport will still need to be reworked, as mentioned above.

Nonetheless, the slightly updated version of this airport will be reflected in a future update.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Edit: To be clear, this was a minor 2D-only edit.


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