Kmia to klax a350 flight

  • **a350 lufthansa **:

  • ** kmia to klax*:

  • **in 3 hours ( zulu time 2 pm **:

  • training:

  • my infinite flight username is jovan croes and please spawn 10 min before departure:

Please read this topic about how to format your group flight correctly:

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Look at examples as well on how other people write about their group flights. Make sure you post your group flight post 3 hours before your flight as well. This is almost 9 and a half hours before the flight.

You can find examples here.

Oof my zulu time is wrong sorry

Thank you for your post today. Please be aware that the #live:groupflights category has certain rules and formatting requirements that must be adhered to.


  • Take place within 3 hours of being posted
  • Not affiliated with a VA or VO
  • No assigning of gates or pilot slots
  • Title should be formatted as Flight Title @ ICAO - DDHHMMZMONYY

For more information, please see the “About the group flights category” pinned post.