KMIA Spotting Locations

This weekend, I’ll be in the Miami area. I plan on spotting KMIA, and was curious if anyone knew of good spotting locations in and around the airport, it would be greatly appreciated.

if this should just be in RWA let me know


This site is pretty useful for information on spotting at different airports:

It gives information on spotting locations, and gives you previews of photos taken from those spots so you know exactly what your photos will come out like.

Hope this helped :)


Hi, I live in Miami and go to this airport all the time. Beside Runway 09 there is a furniture shope called “El Dorado” and some train tracks, perfect viewing point.
There is also a spot called the holes, you can see Rwy 08R, 08L, and 12 Dep and Arrivals. Be advised please be in the right spot because cops can come and stop or arrest you or even rifle you down.


Thank you, especially for the heads up!

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You won’t be disappointed, I hope.


We’ve been having some very bad weather, Miami is very bipolar and I dont see a sunny day for the next week so enjoy those cross winds ;).

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I switched it to the spotting category, I have never been to MIA I dont plane on it but a good idea is I always go on Google maps and use street view to find a perfect spot

You cant do that, not in MIA Atleast. There are designated spots around the field so people can go and spot, you cant just go anywhere to spot as you can easily be arrested for going into restricted areas.

Oh thats what I do and I have never been arrested or question. I guess it depends on how spotter friendly the airport is.


The only spotting I do is in IF. Never been to Miami.

Hate to say it but I overslept and missed the time I had very little time. Sorry to disappoint. I have some photos from KTPA I have to edit and I’ll end up posting those soon tho.

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