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A went this afternoon to KMIA to seat and relax for while. It was sunny and beautiful but all of the sudden some extreme weather came over Miami. I had LiveATC app on and was listening to Tower. Tower was reporting winds @20kts and Wind shear in the vicinity of the runways but pilots didn’t report any. Some aircrafts aborted landing while a lot of them were put on hold. After that… sunny again.
image image image image
Even this guy was put on hold
…sunny again. Atlas air heading to Viracopos
…Arriving from Luxembourg
…one arriving from Luxembourg and another one on his way over there.
image image


The weather seems to be bipolar


Yep, US summertime weather is like that. For FL and the southeast it’s year round. It could be sunny with a few puffy clouds, 10 minutes later it’s a torrential thunderstorm, and then 10 minutes after that it’s back to being sunny with a few clouds.
It’s interesting to spot with those conditions!


Chatta, that is exactly what describes the people and the weather of South Florida. Nice catch Jay! Make sure you get yourself un espresso Cubano en la 42 on your way home.


Mmm that sounds like my kind of afternoon.

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

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