Kmia-klax dhl 777f

Flight from KMIA-KLAX on the beautiful DHL 777F. Here are some screenshots from my flight. I usually never do this kind of stuff but I found the screenshots nice so here it is!

Flight information- 18th Feb 2022, Expert server.

On final

A company 777F, what a coincidence!
(The blue square you see is to hide the name of the person because I took the screenshot at the wrong time, heard somewhere it isn’t allowed so I hid it.)

My favourite aircraft, the A380😍

Meeting of fated rivals, 777 vs A330! Which aircraft do you like better?

The new UPS 747F livery! Looks absolutely fantastic!

Thank you all for looking at this, probably one of the worst screenshots on the forum but I thought it looked nice😅


Why do those pictures all of a sudden look so grainy? When I saw them before posting, it looked really nice.

These photos aren’t that bad, however you do have player names within them.

Remember when posting to check the #screenshots-and-videos rules to know what is and is not allowing within a screenshot.

You will see in the rules that player boxes/player names are not allowed.

To remove them, you can go to settings live and deselect the boxes or go into photo mode and press the little outlined camera icon in the bottom right. This should remove name/boxes.