KMIA graphics not loading at low altitude

**iPhone XS max **:
Ios 15.5:

On final the airport graphics never loaded, the airport was very crowded if that is a factor:

However from 12k I can see the airport and runways

This may be an issue with your scenery cache. Please try clearing your scenery cache from the settings and restarting your app.

Let us know if this works. It’s strange that you were able to see the airport from 12K though…

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I did do that plus restarted my device before the flight, although I was sat at gate at KTPA for about half an hour before pushing back if that could make a difference

Not entirely sure if that would make a difference or not. Did you have stable internet connectivity throughout your flight or did it drop out at any points for brief moments?

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Looks like someone else had the same issue

I did restart my router once during the flight but just after take off from KTPA, but then the internet was fine afaik since I had all green ticks on the connection icons

If clearing the scenery cache and resetting the network didn’t work, maybe try a fresh install of the app itself. You’d be surprised how often it fixes even the smallest issues such as aircraft disappearing or scenery not loading in.

i had the exact same issue there were like 150+ arrivals so it was kinda overcrowded

In my case it seems that the problem was the connection, when I get the perfect Wi-Fi this error does not happen to me

I’ve currently got the same issue at an empty SEGU. Cleared scenery cache twice and toggled graphics settings. Taxiway lines appear, but no runway or taxiways; airport is also empty and internet connectivity is good

To illustrate my point

I’ve found that when I’m distant from my WiFi extender with less than 3 bars on the WiFi indicator, airports will struggle to render pavements and objects at 2D and 3D airports. A strong and stable connection makes a big difference here.

When I say good I mean I have all the bars; I always use the app in my room and have never had this issue before on this device

This happened to my friend and I think it is just a bug that camewith 22.4. Hopefully it will be fixed sometime soon.

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