KMIA Flights Diverted to KRSW

While checking Flightradar24, and later in person, I noticed quite a few flights at Southwest Florida International (KRSW) that were originally headed to Miami International (KMIA). Some notable mentions include an Avianca A320, two Swift Air B734s, and several non-typical American aircraft, including a B763 and B772. Does anyone know the reason for this rerouting? As somebody who really enjoys plane spotting, I was happy to see these visitors at my local airport.


Hey man! While this is very intresting I think this belongs on this topic:


While I agree it belongs there as a point of interest, my goal in creating this topic was to see if anyone knew why this might be happening.


Typically the topic linked above would be used for something like this, but it will be up to a moderator ultimately, so we’ll see…

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But you won’t answer his question? 🤔

Looks like storms are the issue. ☝🏾 KMIA METAR above.


We had some killer storms today that closed the airport. I too was checking out all the flights they had in holds and being rerouted.

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Check this image from an A330 pilot on Instagram:

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