KMIA ATC, Well Done!

Can i just say what a superb job by the controllers this evening at KMIA. They where overwhelmed by traffic but they still managed to keep the flow going and ensure planes landed and departed in an orderly manner well done!


Yes they did a great job! And we’re quite fast to!

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yep they sure where.

If you’d like to thank the IFATC member(s) who is/are currently controlling over at KMIA right now, then may do so by personally sending a PM to the controller who is taking care of things down there or show your appreciation on the Weekly IFATC Schedule Post, rather than doing a whole new topic about it, thanks :)

I’m sure IFATC appreciate your kind words, they put down a lot of effort to make us pilots’ flying experience amazing 😉


I sent it apologies for posting it on here JR


No need to apologize, now you know where to point your appreciation towards next time :)
And i’m sure IFATC is also happy about you liking their service and getting some positive feedback on their work.


I think @Trio was on approach from what I remember. He probably knows who the other controllers were.


I was there in the morning, it was most likely the great work of @Jan_Sd (Approach) and @Andres_LC (Tower and Ground).


Just to add to what’s been posted already. I think all the controllers with IFATC have been doing a superb job lately. There seems to be a huge increase in traffic at open airports and they always keep things running smoothly. Thank you IFATC!!!


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