KMIA APP 28 Jan 2200z

IIf you were flying ID8088 (Alan), sorry for trying to put you on RWY 30 twice. I didn’t check my strips and vectored the 30’s south, you were vectored south so in my mind you were on 30. Thanks for being patient and even trying to correct me with the “standby’s”. On the second time around I noticed what I was doing. Sorry about that.

If you were NASA117, your connection kept dropping.


ID 8088, it was me. no problem may be because the air traffic KMIA during this morning was crowded, so you forgot me to vectoring to the RWY 26L, that you remember because I was already close to RWY 30 localizer, so you direct me there. I still fly as directed you to RWY26L and I try to remind you that my vectoring to RWY26L. stay focused if serving in approach … hehe