KMIA and MDPC: Airports not loading

Device: Samsung A22
Operating system: Android 11

When I made a flight to Miami and Punta Cana, on final, the airport didn’t loaded up. I was unable to land beacause I couldn’t see anything, just the silhouette.

Have you restarted your device or cleared or scenery cache?

A lot of the high detailed airports are also doing this, and is a known issue. Just don’t take that for granted with your case, though.


I have reestarted my device hundreds of times. I think the problem is with the new airports. Beacuse I have flown to the first 3d airports and everything ok

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Well, perhaps it is not about restarting your device but the scenery cache that you currently store. That could have been potentially corrupted for whatever reason so clearing the scenery cache would force Infinite Flight to redownload scenery. If clearing the scenery cache seems to have no effect, the last resort would be to reinstall infinite flight. If that also does not work, then this may be apart of the issue going around over scenery corruption.

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Don’t worry guys. Just reinstalled the app, and made sure to clear the cache before the arrival.

Saludos desde Punta Cana!

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