KMEM Northwest Hub memory @ KMEM - 051900ZJUL19 (CANCELLED)

2019-07-05T19:00:00ZEvent:KMEM Northwest Hub memory


Server: Training

Airport: KMEM

Time: *July 5, 1900 Zulu time

NOTAMS: Northwest Airlines only at concourse B, please do not fly cargo planes as the airport will be too busy, largest passenger airplane that you can fly at KMEM is the MD-11 at gate B44, please follow ATC instructions, serious users only, no trolling, please do not be ATC if you do not know how to operate, inappropriate callsigns will not be tolerated, and have fun.
Also please notify me if you are attending or controlling.

Gates Taken.
None at this time

ATC controllers
Ground and Tower: @Elliott


You might want to reformat this event according to the event category guidelines

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Thank you very much.

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It is ready now.

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Thank you. Unfortunately, I have conflicts on that day

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I am sorry to hear that. I just miss this airport so much. I remember when my family first moved in Memphis from a city 3 hours from an International Airport, we were excited as it had flights to Toronto, the Caribbean, and Amsterdam. However, once Northwest merged, Delta cut a lot of flights, and eventually hub status ended. Lets hope for the best for this airport.

can I join?

Yes, what aircraft type and gate.

Mind changing the 1900 zulu to auto convert?

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I will be there but not for the event. I’ll have a SWAV flight out of there that day.

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Alright, just make sure your plane is the correct airline, gate and aircraft type. I will have to keep the same time though.

I will be at the right gate and plane and all that. And I didnt mean change it. Settings then the insert date and set it for your time and it will convert for others.

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Just a recommendation add a photo so people are interested in the event!

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Oh alright, you can edit it.

It wont let me.

So click edit, highlight over

Then click the calendar then set it to your time zone.

I’ll be Ground and Tower

Alright. I got you.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how.

The pencil then click and drag over

Then click the third button from the right. You can get it from there.