Recently, I flew out to Chicago (KSDF-KMDW) for an event and when it was over, spent some time waiting at KMDW before my flight back. Only got a few photos but wanted to share this fun day. This is my first post like this so helpful criticism is appreciated.

Just about to start our takeoff roll with a Republic E175 holding short:

Turning final into KMDW. Brought us in quite low and fast before turning final and configuring for landing:

Full flaps. KMDW has much shorter runways than I realized:


N630SK (SkyWest CRJ-700 bound for Detroit) ready for pushback after being de-iced (you can sort of see the green tint on the wings in this picture). One of the handful of non-Southwest flights out of Midway:

More de-icing action in Midway:


Nice! I like the third pic.

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Great pics, I loved the last one especially.

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Nice photos, definitely amongst the better inflight shots!

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Great pics. Thanks for the post! 😉

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