Hey IFC! I was wondering what gate does delta connection CRJ-900 use on there MDT-DTW hops starting from Harrisburg? I cannot find it online. Thanks!

That sounds as an big problem!

I mean the gate shouldn’t be set as sideways if it isn’t irl

According to Google Earth, that’s how 2 & 3 park, but the airport has undergone some changes IRL so this will change in the future in IF.


Changed because it’s a new question!

@Rhys_V told me it should come in 22.6 because he sent me pics of it updated

I’m confused, are you asking about Harrisburg or New Haven? You’ve edited the topic to a different question making previous replies irrelevant.

It’s now about Harrisburg

All previous replies are irrelevant and don’t matter to my new question

Yeah, here are some WIP shots regarding HVN’s future. I found new imagery and the fixes are almost complete. They should come in 22.6 but not confirmed at all


check out, it provides information for the airlines that operate out of said terminal.

I don’t see MDT on there

my bad, it only provides information about some airports. its kinda like a airport wikipedia. users can choose to create a guide to the airport.

Oh okay (10)

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