KMCO-OMDB // Boeing B777-300ER // Emirates

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So lets get to the screenshots for todays flight!

So for todays flight we have KMCO-OMDB in the B77W Emirates with @Tyler_Shelton!

Flight Details

 Server: Expert
 Flight time: 13 hours and 50 minutes
 Plane: Boeing B777-300ER (Emirates

@Andy_R (A-NR1) at the terminal, while @Tyler_Shelton (N1TJ) preparing to taxi.

A-NR1 lining up runway 35L, while N1TJ is blasting out of Orlando!

A-NR1 Blasting out of Orlando, while a Southwest 737 is taxiing to parking!

A-NR1 passing by the wonderful scenery of Iraq!

A-NR1 on final for runway 30L, while N1TJ seconds from touchdown!

A-NR1 Touching down!

A-NR1 vacating runway 30L, while Emirates 345 taxiing to runway 30!

A-NR1 and N1TJ at a busy terminal!

A busy day at Dubai!

Tailshots at the ramp!

I want to thank Tyler for the amazing flight!

I also want to thank @Joseph_Spinner for the amazing service at KMCO, and I also want to thank the OMDB team for the amazing service @Davide_DC, @Georgios_P, and @Anthony_Morgan!

That’s all for today folks! Let me know which was your favorite, what I can improve on or what you’d like to see me do next.

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Always the best pictures!


Thank you soo much bro!

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Perfect angles, stunning pictures, love it. 💙

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Appreciate it! I love to see everyone enjoying their flights when I’m controlling :)

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Thank you soo much @Joseph_Spinner!

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Thank you soo much @ShaneAviation!

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Awesome photos Andy! Great job!

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Thank you soo much @Butter_Boi!

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Wow, every pic here is beautiful! 😍 Well done again! 🔥

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Thank you soo much @InfiniteFlight_Shots, which one is your favorite 😂

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Wow those pictures 👏🏻🔥💯


Ohhhh man! ALL of your shots are SOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!
Let me fly with you next time PLZZZZZ. 😍

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Thank you soo much @Sphinx!

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It was a difficult choice but I’ll say this one is my fav 🔥

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Thank you soo much, want to join me on my flight from KJFK-UUEE 8 hours.

Eyyyy, thats my favorite too!

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Nice photos!

This route is on my bucket list of routes to fly!

I’ve seen the Emirates B77W at MCO before!

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Yep it is, thank you soo much @MJP_27!

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OMG these are so good! Keep up the awesome work, you’ve been doing really great!

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