KMCO-KMIA Timelapse

A few things to note:

  1. I haven’t flown a good approach recently so bare with me.
  2. Please ignore the text messages when I pulled up to the gate. XD
  3. The quality is awful because I have transferred it from editor to editor to editor because I havent found one editor that does it all. Sorry.

This was made this morning and published at about 5:00 PM EDT.
Training Server (Global)
Airbus A330


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Apart from the quality, that was a good video!

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Thanks! 😜😃

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Not a bad video! Although with my honesty you should not use these type of intros like these, really. And make sure to be able to land and taxi properly. It is not recommended to use Autoland. And use the replay feature. Press the record button, tap & hold for three seconds and you have a nice, higher quality recording. The video is not bad as you show the gameplay but make sure not to show the HUD too much, like for the entire video.

And I use the normal camera to be able to see and taxi realistically. I hope you understand! It’s not a bad video, just a few tips. 🙂


I will attemt to do that next time. Thanks! 👍

The problem with that is that it glitches the whole entire photo app and is hard to keep the footage until editing

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DaVinci Resolve 16 is your friend. Transfer your video to windows and use Resolve. Everything your wanting is there.

Free Program?

The beta for 16 is free to use and download. It’s expert level software but oh it so worth it and learning how to use it. If you doing YouTube. This will take it up a notch for you.

@ActnJaksn239 Is it like BandiCam where you can get a Free Version and you can buy the Full Version

Yes. The studio version of DaVinci is $299. But you won’t need the studio version to do what you need. I don’t need it and part of my job is professional video editing.

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@ActnJaksn239 DaVinci Resolve 16 Public Beta?

Edit: Is this the right one?

Yep! That’s the one!

@ActnJaksn239 It asks me like a MILLION questions. It might as well ask me my Social Security Number.

Company? I don’t have a company…

Wait. I can just put N/A lol.

It’s not a whole lot of questions. Lol. You can put n/a if you want. Lol.

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Filming a Timelapse from KLAS to KDEN. Lol.

Mom was in a god d**m meeting. Should’ve listen Bet you got whipped.

Nice Video tho

Lol. I did. Ya know AutoPilot is wonderful.

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