Kmco - egcc - egll

Hey everyone!

I was wondering if you could provide me the best route, from KMCO to EGCC. From EGCC will be carrying down to EGLL.

Aircraft that I will be flying will be A330-900NEO Delta Airlines!

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Delta Airlines you mean? there is no scenery bwtween MCO-EGCC tbh, mostly water

Yeah delta airlines! I know aha! I just want the best route!

Airlines* but, what are you trying to see?

What you mean?

you typed delta airways, which is wrong, the correct is delta AIRLINES, not airways

What do you mean by this? The flight just goes over water

and flat, uninteresting Greenland

That flight doesn’t even go over Greenland

I mean, I guess fly up the eastern seaboard, over Greenland and Iceland, then down over Scotland into Manchester. Wouldn’t be too efficient but I suppose that would be the best scenery.

Or you could go west, Asia has nice scenery :)

I’m really confused by this

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Relatable much

I have edited the first post! TO MAKE IT MORE SENSE!

Wait so you are asking for the best route for the route you already said above?

Yeah! Like flight plan

Fly the Virgin Atlantic A330 and use flightplan database for FP

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Will simbrief work?

I want to try A330-900NEO DELTA ngl to EGCC

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Yes but you have to have an account for simbrief

Ah okay! Do you have the link for flight plan?

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