KMCF Run-up 4 Runway 04 Parking Typo

In the airport KMCF (Macdill Afb) there is a typo in
Parking Run-Up 4 Runway 04

In the sim it is types as “Parking Run-up 4Runway 04”
When it is supposed to be ‘Parking Run-up 4 Runway 04’
In the sim there is no space between “4” and “Runway”

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Click the world icon
  3. Select South Florida
  4. Select KMCF
  5. Scroll down to the issue

iPad Pro 128GB
IOS 9.2

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Adding this typo to the issues list, don’t have the time to fix it right now. Will do it tomorrow if noone chooses to simply change it before me.

My computer is not on atm that’s the problem.

Thanks for finding another problem for us to solve!

the neo-exterminator!

I’m following in @Henrik_B s footsteps😂


May is ask: did you search through every single airport and parking space before finding an error at Macdill?

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Bug finding is actually pretty exciting!

And sad. Sadly I am sad too…

Ice will fix now.


We’re a good team, Ice!

Sorted. :-P


Sorry, this was my mistake. :p

Should run-ups or Short Holds even exist? I thought we were removing these?

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Needs a redo anyways, only about 2 parking spots not a run-up.

I would concur. I entered that very fact into the issues list approx 2 months ago 😜

Run up aren’t hold short spawns. It should be added. From my sources, this is a run-up area by the way.

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Ok but you posted in the wrong place :)

I’m sorry, I ran my finger! I will delete

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Run ups and Hold Shorts, although they may exist at a specific airport are typically not included in IF due to the nature of ATC deployment where, if an aircraft spawns too close to the runway, ATC has no way of controlling traffic. If these positions are located close to a runway in a controllable airport then typically they are suppressed or not included. I hope this helps.