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Hey everyone,

I was doing a VFR approach into KLUK and saw this:

If you look at the ILS on the right, you can see that the degree is 26 for runway 21L (which is wrong) I was hoping that this issue could get fixed in the future.

Can anyone from the airport team check?
@dush19 @Adrien @Moritz

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Is the website back up? Until then they can’t edit (it might be back up). However, I found the same result with the ILS approach.

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The other one (21R) was fine. It was only 21L from what I could tell.

Looks like the heading have switched place with 03R, ish…

From http://www.airnav.com/airport/KLUK

Anyway, I’m sure an editor will check and get back to you at earliest convenience.

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That’s what I was thinking. Not sure if 3R shows 26 or 206. Would be interesting to see.

Both shows 26.
But this is an unedited airport too, so errors like this is to be expected unfortunately.

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Ok. It might have been fixed, since Project Ohio | All Towered Airports Complete! has it done. I thought I would point it out, that’s all.

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Oh you’re correct, I’m wrong. It is edited. I just didn’t zoom in close enough to see the spawn points. Silly me.


Taken care of, thanks for the report. :)


Thanks Dush! I’ll flag this and have it closed.