KLM777 Amsterdam to Cape Town - A New Infinite Flight Timelapse


Welcome back! It seems I got a quick burst of energy and it helped me make this timelapse. Anyways, I’ll probably go back to being lazy, then make another video in a month or so. lol Anyways, enjoy…

Flight Deets

Thanks for taking this time to watch this timelapse. Today this flight will take you from the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, to South Africa’s “Mother City”, or Cape Town. The aircraft I used for this flight was a Boeing 777-300ER. We start off parked at gate E19 in Amsterdam and arrive at gate A3 in Cape Town. Our departure time is just after 10am (CET) and we land right after 9pm (GMT+2) in Cape Town, South Africa. The total flight time for our flight was 11 hours and 16 minutes.

This flight, like almost all of my flights, is a real-life route as of the time of creation. The flight number is KLM 597. It’s supposed to takeoff at 10:05am in the morning, and arrive at 9:25pm later that day. The scheduled flight time is 11hrs 20min according to FlightAware.


(Click on the picture to watch the video)

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Have a great day and thanks for checking my video out!


Amazing video! I really enjoyed watching it. :)

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Nice video!

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@NayanNair @IF_Pulse I’m so glad you guys enjoyed. I had fun making it and I’m pretty happy with the result!


Very nice timelapse - the differences in the African scenery from north to south is rather incredible!

Desert → Rainforest → Savannah → Desert (again.)

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Really nice video. I love the cockpit camera views. It looks like some b777 cockpit video on Just planes or High Pressure Aviation Films.
Fantastic route and video p. Well done!

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@BennyBoy_Alpha! The changing scenery in Africa is absolutely beautiful. I’m glad you enjoyed!

@anon21619658 Thanks for watching! I love experimenting with all the camera angles, I think it turned out pretty well this time.

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Same. I love trying out different camera angles

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Wanna fly in the F14 as a dog fight ?

Probably can’t do it today, but maybe sometime. If you want to arrange something, PM me.

Okay. Nice vid btw

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