KLM747 Writing Bye in the Sky

I thought it was really cool what “RealityFlyerVPS” was doing. I don’t know if RealityFlyerVPS has an IFC account, but I just want to compliment the pilot.

(This might be in the wrong topic, it’s my first time posting something like this)


Looking forward to see it done :D

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I got the picture of it done :)

Im blind LOL

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Argh, I’m going to miss this beast. Going to Schiphol this Sunday to spot her for one last time…


Yeah it’s very sad, the KLM747 is iconic. Good luck at Schipol!

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Lol, I posted it as soon as you commented!

Lucky you being able to see it one last time. The KLM 747 is definitely one of - if not my favourite livery + aircraft combo. 😍 So sad about it going! 😢


I wonder what British airways is going to do for their Boeing 747 retirement. They are probably the most important 747 operator in the world. If anything the Boeing 747 to British Airways is like Fortnite to 6 year old. It can’t live without it.


Lol, Nice analogy! Yeah, British Airways is a huge 747 carrier. It’s until 2024 I think when they’re retiring their 747s. I’m not sure.

BAW has scheduled to retire their last 747 in November 2022. The goal is to have them all gone by 2024 lastest. Much like BAW, LH plans to retire their Boeing 747-400 arounf the same time, LH has saif to say bye bye to the 747-400 by 2025 and their A380s between 2022-2023, replacing many of those A380-800 flights with their 747-8 and the 777-9 which the first of that aircraft type is planned to join their fleet in early to mid-2021. From 2022 to 2027 will see new B787 and A350’s join the Lufthansa Group fleet, where some of those orders are going to Lufthansa themselves.

Tracing back to BAW again, they have since last year gotten their first A350-1000s and they plan to receive more over time, and additional 777s, 787-10s to slowly but surely replace the A380 at some point and the 747-400. It’s also a matter of time when Air France will throw their A380s away. We have Asiana with their 747-400s + A380s, and Air India has one or two B744 left in the business, so soon, let’s say, in 5 years time approximately, these 4-engine beauties will be ever-more scarce to be seen.

I’ll say, it’s great to see many people who play Infinite Flight do what the guy in the screenshots of this topic did to commemorate the KLM 747. The 747 and A380 are two aircraft being heavily hit by COVID-19 today and will face continued difficulties tomorrow and many weeks and months to come, so despite the retirement plans being years away, we may never know if airlines will have to retire prior to the set date like KLM became forced to do. My advice to those willing to fly a 747-400 for the last time or it may be your first, I suggest you plan your trips with, well, either or both the 747-400 and A380-800 to be before the end of 2024 to ensure you do get the chance to take into the sky one last time with the Queen of the Sky and the Super Jumbo before the twin-jets takes over to a greater extent.

Of course, LH is keeping their 787-8i for a little longer, so all hopes aren’t crushed, but there’s a special feeling flying retro than neo 🌟


Thanks for the information! It’s so sad all of these old birds are getting retired.


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