KLM1208’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ CYUL

Hello and welcome to my ATC Tracking Thread! I have been playing many ATC games over the years and decided to jump into Infinite Flight’s ATC side recently. Hopefully this thread will attract more serious pilots then some of the ones I encoutered on the TS… I plan to apply for IFATC once I will reach Grade 3 and have enough operations!

The details:

Airports : I will open at CYUL most frequently (Any change will be indicated below)

Frequencies : I will operate Tower and Ground on the Training Server

Try and do pattern work!

Feedback : Any feedback is greatly appreciated considering I am still a beginner and will for sure make some mistakes along the way!

I will open for sessions of approximately 45mins

Hope to see you sometime at CYUL,

(Image link: File:YUL Logo.png - Wikipedia)

CYUL is now open and will be closing at around 2240 UTC

Runways in use: 06L and 06R

Come and swing by!

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I’ll be there in 5 mins.

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CYUL is now CLOSED as of 2240 UTC

If you want to be pinged next time, please let me know below and I will ping 2 hours before openning


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First of all, I would like to point out that I am not an IFATC, but I have enough knowledge.

Feedback from Just Us 4S:

  • If a pilot stays in the pattern and there is no other traffic around, the landing permit can even be given in Upwind.

  • It is enough to give the command ‘After The Option Make Right/Left Trafic’ once when Clear For The Option, because I will keep my pattern on the first traffic you gave (If Runway Change is not requested)

  • After my Runway Change request, I heard a ‘Turn Crosswind’, but then I got a correct command (Enter Right Downwind) The ‘Turn Croswind’ command was wrong because I didn’t know which way I would do it in Crosswind

  • Finally, if a pilot wants ‘Request Departure’ (Example: Requesting Departure to the East) and ATC accepts request (Frequency Change Approved) command can be issued because it is now finalised that it will leave your airspace.

That’s it Ping me when you open!

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Hey! Thanks for the feedback, for the runway change I was trying to figure out wich pattern entry to give you, but the entrer downwind was the right one since you were on upwind

See you next time,

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Absolutely! I will be there

Tag me 1hr before open
Ill try to attend

Hello everyone, kind of short notice but CYUL will be open in about 10mins for the next hour!

@fex @3Ssomy167 @Carrington728


Hello!! Would you be willing to add me on Discord? I want to invite you to a server that I think will help you out. @Carringtonwoods2 if interested!
I don’t know if I will be able to make it to CYUL tonight but I will try!

@Carrington728 Will do!

Runways in use at CYUL are 24R and 24L

CYUL is now closed.

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