KLM virtual Staff members NEEDED!

Andy from KLM virtual here now that school is starting for me at least, I’ve been needing staff members to help me run the airline run smoothly THIS INCLUDES, Co-CEO, Website manager, application reviewer, and social media personnel this includes, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As of right now an update is currently happening to the airline so the website will look better than before. I will also be contacting people or PMing people on this website to see all of our active pilots so please ALL PILOTS CONTACT ME ON THIS TOPIC OR PM ME.


Good luck.


Unfortunately I can’t work at you airline, but I request to partner with you.

Our Current Partners:

Air Austral Virtual
Asiana IFVA

Sure just Pm me the details

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Hi! I’m intrested in this. Shoot me a PM since I can’t do it

Can I see your website? I may become website manager.

could I possibly be you co-ceo if so just pm me please much appreciated

Check out the VA Startup/Promotional Services I offer for all VA’s. My crew and I might be of some use to your new Virtual Airline. We cover websites, photos, videos, events, and I am available to fill in for positions such as CO-CEO or Advisor for your Virtual Airline. Just send me a quick PM! Good luck!

I am interested of being the Co-Ceo. Reply if interested

andy i am still part off klm but i dont hear anything from it

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