KLM Virtual Airlines

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If it is how much more does it cost? And does it affect the fuel burn while taxiing? And can you takeoff and land off-road or do you have to use a runway?

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Lol we think that the grass makes a better background then the parking

i just applied i love the website, abusolutly beautiful, and i love the fleet

Roger I’ll check the applications either later today or the next time I’m available. Sorry I’m advanced if there is a delay!

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No problem, thanks always

Did you get permission from the IFAVRB to post a thread about your VA?

The thread is 2 months old, and they are on the Virtual Airlines Database. I think they have permission ;)

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Lol yes we have had permission since about January

Best of luck with your VA! Love seeding the KLM livery

You still taking on recruits? I might want to join…

I am no longer in KLM the new CEO is @AB_Pilot and I heard that they were making a new thread and website so…

Is the airline together or falling apart. If it’s falling apart​ I’ll deny my application when it comes through

It just has a new CEO…

No I get that, but I’m in a va that is struggling and I don’t want the same situation.

What VA are you in right now?

Ejva with an application for bava

Yeah… Isnt EasyJet VA having an issue with Easyjet Airlines?
I think thats what I heard… (Or was that Flybe)

If you are looking for a good airline you could join

  • Delta Airlines VA
  • Southwest Airlines VA
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle VA
  • British Airways VA (Your Already Applying)

Theres also

Frontier Air VA (EXTREMELY Good VA)
Qantas VA

Just start looking around for good VA’s… Theres plenty out there


Ejva is the only easyjet va. Must be Flybe