KLM Virtual Airlines- Now Recruting!

Hi Guys!

KLM Virtual Airlines (Infinite Flight) is now recruiting new members. WE are a Virtual Airline for Infinite Flight and we are looking to add to our crew. We are also seeking a COO, VP of Technology and VP of Recruitment. Please PM me to apply, email us at klmvirtualif@gmail.com or apply via our website.




I’ll be the coo

Hi @Oleksander_Lytvyenko !

Please go to our website and fill out the application form. COO Application


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If you are KLM, you can use the transavia liveries as transavia is a real KLM subsidiary.

Do you guys need a E190 pilot cause I would love to do that for you thanks

Hi @Ty_Lorenz_tylermd88!

Thanks for your interest. We would ove to have you onboard. Please head to our website to apply!


Thanks for that @El_Alex , didn’t know that!


Hi @James_Grainge great to hear you are interested in joining our VA! Please follow this link. We look forward to having you onboard!