KLM VA still active?

i have searched for klm and i also was an member off klm i am still a member but i dont hear anything from it anymore idk what to do because i really like klm

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Why don’t you contact the owner of the VA via email which I’m sure can be found on the KLM VA website :)


i did that already

So, all you do now, is wait :)
But, does the owner have an IFC account?

yes Andy_Le is his name

they got an new ceo he sad but i havent heard anything from him

Probably because they are inactive , I wouldn’t waste my time with any VA that can’t respond to their members or any one wanting to join.

This is exactly why the VA board was set up to weed out inactive VA’s like this …


@andy_le, I guess one of your members has a question :)

Not really sure at this point…

@Andy_Le was last seen on Oct 2nd , I think it is safe to say this is a dead end ! ;)


can’t disagree with that dude!


ah man!:( then i am probaly gonna join delta VA or emirates

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Good Luck! IFES is always looking for new guys :)

Hey, @taynison_girigorie

Please try to contact CEO’s, check out websites, send emails e.t.c before making a public topic to avoid clutter. I appreciate maybe this might have been the only alternative in this scenario, but just something to keep in mind.