KLM To Offer Service To Calgary, Edmonton / Emirates Route Cuts

KLM To Start Amsterdam-Calgary-Edmonton Triangular Flights

KLM, the Dutch airline will continue to operate triangular flights to Canada, stopping in Calgary and Edmonton. We have insider news, however no major news sources have reported on it. However, we do know that this flight will take place with a Boeing 787–9 aircraft. This is the tweet.

It is in Dutch, but here is the google translated version: KLM will also operate triangular flights to Canada. The connection to Edmonton will resume from October 29; twice a week via Calgary with a Boeing 787-9.


Emirates Makes Route Cuts

Emirates cuts 2 United States destinations. One Mile At A Time quotes β€œEmirates is cutting its Dubai to Fort Lauderdale flight, and is also canceling its nonstop Dubai to Newark flight.” Meaning Emirates is cutting Fort Lauderdale and Newark. Also, flights to Adelaide, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and Buenos Aires which are 5th freedom are also being cut. The Fort Lauderdale and Newark to Dubai flights were usually busy, but due to the pandemic, Emirates did have to make some hard decisions. Hopefully, this place will be back, but there is no guarantee. We should expect to see Fort Lauderdale back, because they do have a code share with jetBlue.




We both lost one


Yeah, but at least they still serve Newark to Athens for some reason.

Yeah, but still. If they don’t serve Dubai, might as well not be there lol

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I guess we will see…

Nooooo. Newark :((

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Nooooo, Fort Lauderdale is the correct phrase

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We all knew Emirates would cut out of Fort Lauderdale.

That is a very interesting route by KLM!

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πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡³πŸ‡± KLM kinda, not a surprise since KLM serves both: Calgary and Edmonton and between Calgary and Edmonton is a 30 minutes flight. With COVID kinda makes sense πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

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Aww… they cut the Newark one? :(( I was planning in the future to fly from Newark on Emirates. Now have to go to hectic JFK which is a bit further and have to pay more tolls, especially the Verazonna Narrows Bridge.

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Well maybe they at least have EK209/EK210, Newark to Dubai via Athens and back. I flew on that route in 2018… but its a stop in Athens, instead of the non-stop one which is more convinient

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From my knowledge, they are keeping the Athens route

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