Klm text missing on the right side of the 777-300ER Orange Pride

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20.2 (465)

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Klm text is missing on the right side do of Klm orange pride livery on the 777-300ER.

Steps to reproduce

  • Restart device
  • _Step 2- launch IF
  • Step 3 enter the flight with the same livery you reported.

Expected results

Describe the expected result
The Klm text is added to the Right side of the Aircraft.

Actual results

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Klm Text is added to the aircrafts right side

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This is rather major, I think it was re-listed. It’s fine.


This one was rather big though, so I personally let it slide.


Lets leave it to the mods and staff to determine what issues are necessary to report :)

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I do not understand that somehow an issue with the KLM orange pride livery can get approved as a valid issue when the guidelines CLEARLY state that livery problems will not be approved.

How come if I create a post about NUMEROUS problems with the CX livery it is not nearly as important? That livery has inconsistencies between the port and starboard side too!

I don’t mean to come off as abrasive but the poor quality of the CX livery is unacceptable and the explicit rule for ‘No livery problem threads’ makes it impossible to convey these problems to the team.

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The Cathay issue is noted already.
Besides, it’s a rather big difference with a letter being sized a bit wrong compared to an entire airline logo missing on one side.


I have just noticed this on the Cathay livery, are livery errors actually going to be fixed for the update? And there a few graphics glitches.

No one knows if we are not allowed to report them and we don’t know if the staff are aware of them.

Our primary focus on the first release of 20.2 is the new Authentication/User system.
A few visual glitches & livery errors might be included but it’s not guaranteed.