KLM Schedules Final 747 Flight

Less than one year left.

KLM has scheduled the final Boeing 747 flight for January 3, 2021

(Image by KLM)

The final KLM 747 flight is expected to be from New York JFK to Amsterdam on January 3, 2021, operating as KL644 with KLM’s special 747 Combi (mixed passengers/cargo)

There are currently 2 regular 747-400s and 6 747 Combis in operation.

These 747s are expected to be replaced by upcoming 777-300ERs and 787-10s.

Note this final date is subject to change.

It’s sad to see this amazing aircraft go, especially since the aircraft attracted so many people to view the famous Maho Beach in St. Maarten.

Have any of you flown KLM’s 747 or are planning to in the near future?


I have 4 times.


this is a true tragedy.

hopefully we dont crash flightradar24 by swarming it to track the flight.


Good thing there using it


This is just so sad. My all time favourite aircraft will be leaving my favourite airline’s fleet 😭

Planning on taking a B744 to Sint Maarten IRL. Any idea if they’re still operated by them?


Unfortunately not anymore. They switched to the A333 in October 2016.

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That’s what I though 😔 I’m going to have to find another flight operated by the B744 (still KLM).


ahhh man this sucks, hate to see another airline retire their 747’s

Wow, this is very sad.
I actually feel fortunate to have experienced a flight with this beautiful bird

I’m not sure - but I think since KLM changed over to the A330 - I don’t think Sint Maarten sees the 747 any more

I’m not sure, but I think others Caribbeans Island such as Curaçao, Paramaribo etc. Are se served by B747s with KLM. Los Angeles too !

i really want but i will sadly not :(

Wha - noooooooooooooooooooooooo! The queen, in her beautiful silk gowns! :(

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I feel so fortunate to have flown in this beautiful bird. I’m sad to see it go, but the 747 is nearing the end of its time. It’s passenger era is slowly slipping away.

Here are some photos.

My seat. Upper deck!

Flight deck in JFK

Sunset departure from JFK (Sorry for the terrible quality)

It was a great experience, and the 747 will always be the true queen of the skies.


NOOOOO! Sad news.

Is this the last 747 there is? I know British airline has a lot but is KLM the last airline other than British. Also i want to fly the 747!

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Lufthansa also operates 747-400.
Other then Cargo and B748(F) i think they are the last.

Edit: Corsair, Air India and Qantas also still have B744 non cargo

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Unfortunately, sad news for the skies!

I have a question about the 747 combis, where the airplanes are loaded and unloaded? Do their cargo operations at gate?

I watched a photo loading an engine on a plane while it was parked in a terminal gate (What a coincidence, I remember that it is a KLM 74M) Is there any standars to load cargo while they are loading PAX?


Thank you in advance.


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The cargo gets loaded in the back while the passengers enter the front of then plane via a jet bridge. The cargo operations are done at the gate.

Here they are loading horses and people at the same time at the gate @PelayoVA


924 USD to be on the last flight 👀