KLM 'Royal Dutch' Virtual World Tour @ PHNL - 281900ZJAN17

Server: Training Server 1

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: :Hello again everyone, after a huge success of our first three events, we are going to
continue our world tour! This time we are heading to the beautiful islands of Hawaii! We are
going from Honolulu (PHNL) to Kahului (PHOG) and then continue our way to Hilo (PHTO).
on the first leg (PHNL-PHOG) we cruise on FL140-280kts and have a little stop at PHOG and
then we fly to PHTO , cruise at FL240-320kts, remember below 10,000MSL-250kts.
The biggest aircraft that we will use for this event will be the 737, ONLY staff members from KLM va will be using bigger aircraft
flight plan can be copied from KLM 03

This event is open to any KLM aircraft!

Gates are as follows:

GATE 15- @Thomas_Ralph , KLM 02
GATE 16- @Mr.MAN_NL , KLM 03
GATE 17- @AB_Pilot
GATE 18- @Andrew2002
GATE 19- @United_739
GATE 20- @ProMustafaTK
GATE 21- @John_Bob
GATE 22- @Lee_Rutter
GATE 23- @Andri_Sepat
GATE 24- Sebastian_Martinez_D
GATE 25- Abhishek_Bhattachary
More gates can be arranged if needed!

comment below for gates!

See you there!

KLM ´Royal Dutch´ VA


Sign me up for Gate 17. Callsign is KLM 04.

Your in hope to see you there

KLM 111 will be attending in a 787-9.

i will be attending it

Can I join

You are in

Al be there klm 103 ✈️

Hope to see u there :)

KLM 105 will be attend…

Roger that

Sing me up please KML 122

You are signed up

Sign me up with KLM 102, assign a gate please

Your in @Abhishek_Bhattachary


i wish i could but i’m with friends at that time :( :)

I would like to attend! Since I am part of the VA I can fly in an aircraft larger than the 737 right?

As it says only staff members are allowed on bigger aircrafts

I will be there in a 787 KLM 112