KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-KCA) MD-11 named Amy Johnson 1993-2014. Livery Retro

Hi all everyone, I found the old picture for KLM Airlines only one time Livery retro is the true story. I know you always like the old livery retro special KLM Airlines the old scheme by McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and also too I like the old livery KLM it was very nice. I saw a check on the internet for Google information. Why I could like only one time livery the first named “Amy Johnson” on PH-KCA plane is a McDonnell Douglas MD-11 for KLM retro is better and isn’t all 10 fleet named don’t.

The credit photo is Rene Brinker.
Taken Date: January 3, 2004, at EHAM/AMS Airport.

It has to use on google info.

Feel free to vote anytime welcome to your comment enjoy the game will be joining in IF in the future have fun!

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Happy Flying, AJ Johnson!!

Yes, yes and more yes! I love that old KLM livery. So happy I flew with a KLM 747 to San Francisco back 2001 when they had this livery.

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Is very nice and thank you for sharing! Your vote is perfect, thank you!

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I like this ‘retro livery’ of KLM. Sadly I am out of votes but I do support it.

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Thank you! Oh, well bummer, and your support of my topic, too.

KLM PH-KCA MD-11 date: June 1996. At EHAM/AMS Airport. Posted on Instagram.