KLM or Jet Airways?

Hello IFC,
I plan on flying AMS-YYZ. Is business class good on KLM because there is a huge price difference between it and jet airways’ prémiere.
Your opinions will be appreciated!

If I have a choice I’ll choose a transfer through CDG for Air France.

I’ll personally go with KLM because of the service and the hospitality it provides


Hmm I’ll see about that.
I just wanted to know if klm is more premium because of the 2,00,000 price gap (in my currency).
I don’t mind paying extra for a premium product.

What day do you plan on leaving/returning and what currency do you use?

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I plan on leaving around 5th August.
I use Indian rupee.

Being an avid indian flier I will order KLM over jet just because it’s got a huge product difference . On bard jet you are bound to feel like home where as on KLM you are likely to get the European experience of KLM.


You could also try Air Canada, westjet or air transat
The latter two are cheaper


I wouldn’t recommend Jet or any other Indian carriers for Long hauls unless you have no other choice.


I’ve flown jet to London and service was decent. I just wanted to know if KLM’s price was justified.(and that has been answered)
@Delta319 Does Air transat or Westjet offer business class? I’m not keen on sitting in economy for a 8 hour flight.

Take a look:

Both are destination lists from Lester B. Pearson Int’l

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They both offer sub-par business class to Jet airways. Don’t think of a fully flat bed on them

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The price for the timing I want is through the roof so I’m going to pass on Air Canada

Thanks I think I know which airline to take now.
Thank you to all who replied.

Your decision is… Tell us

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I would go with KLM they are always friendly!

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I’m going to take KLM and if I don’t like it I blame all of you ;)


Hahahahah have a great flight! You can blame me.

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I don’t think you’re the one to decide because you aren’t the OP or a mod.



I would fly Jet for the seat. (KLMs are horrible)
KLM for service

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Now this has got me thinking.
I’ll see the pros and cons and make a final decision.