KLM on a ERJ-140?

Hey guys I’m back,This time we got something not quite right…
KLM Livery on a ERJ-140 makes no sense (See down below)
So it’s unusual in my opinion why? because as far as I seen KLM livery has been on the bigger planes like a A321 It might not be a livery there buts it’s a point to prove. It looks nice though nother less
What do you guys Thing about this?


I just saw this plane on Monday. It was at an Embraer facility and it just arrived there from South America and was a shuttle airplane for a small airline there. Embraer was going to try to fix it up and sell it.

If you read I said that to prove a point

For your picture it says KLM excel so it is probably a subsidiary of KLM.

But anyway it’s still KLM

It’s fine by me

I mean it might just be a little shuttle plane operated by a little airline or maybe not.

Umm yes I understand that but most of there planes are bigger

And a ERJ-140?

That’s a 145. According to Airfleets, they only operated 145s:

For more info…

It said it was a ERJ-140

It doesn’t say it’s an ERJ-140 anywhere… It says it’s an ERJ-145. Additionally if you search the reg, PH-RXB and have a look at planespotters net, you’ll see that once again it is listed as an ERJ-145:


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