KLM/Northwest DC-10 Livery

KLM/Northwest DC-10 Livery

I thought it would be nice, after discovering this alliance today, I would do a little research and share my findings with you.

in Jul 1989, KLM acquired a 20% interest in the US carrier Northwest Airlines, an important step toward the creation of a worldwide network. Following a successful application in January 93, in Sept 1993, KLM and Northwest Airlines started operating all their flights between the US and Europe as part of a joint venture.

The alliance was one of the most successful of its time and in 1994, the airlines created ‘World business class’ something that KLM still model their business class strategies from now.

The Airlines shared two liveries on one type

The KLM side:

And the Northwest side:

In Feb 1998, KLM-Northwest Airlines alliance honored with ‘Airline of the Year Award’ by influential US trade magazine Air Transport World.

As great as the alliance was working, formation of the Star Alliance in 1997 led by United Airlines and Lufthansa it represented a new direction for airline marketing.

Passengers could book seamless itineraries across the coordinated schedules of member carriers, accrue and redeem frequent flyer miles in their preferred program, and enjoy reciprocal lounge access and other elite flyer privileges. In September 1998, American Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, Canadian Airlines and Cathay Pacific announced the creation of a rival alliance, Oneworld.

In an attempted ‘fight back’ - The Wings Alliance was the working name of a proposed airline alliance to be anchored by the American carriers Northwest Airlines and Continental Airlines of USA with the European flag carriers KLM of the Netherlands and Italy’s Alitalia.

Although these airlines cooperated with one another through code-sharing and frequent flyer program coordination, no formal association was ever announced. It was rendered superfluous in September 2004 when most of its participants joined the SkyTeam alliance.

And that! was that!

Having read this, which livery do you prefer?

  • KLM based model
  • Northwest based model.

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Make a KLM based one, I already made a Northwest based one.

Vote for the KLM/Northwest airline to be added to our MD-11 Livery collection…

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What do you mean in the poll, when you say “having read all this”. It’s not related to the liveries… you can’t prefer one livery or the other by reading that…
Don’t get me wrong, I had no idea about the stuff you talk about, and it’s great information, just not useful for the poll :)

Ah mate I agree! It was originally a poll to ask which livery people would prefer I request! Haha poll be gone!


They only operated this livery on the DC-10, not the MD-11.
Also, a large reason for this merger is because a large majority of Northwest’s routes were over the Pacific, and by this merger, it gave them both global reach.

Only just looked and noticed that the liveries are half and half also.

Thats cool!!

If this is the case, ill change the title. Is the title photo an MD11 or DC10?

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The photo is a DC-10, just the title says MD-11.

Also, you said that there is two different planes with this, one based from KLM, the other Northwest. Actually, it’s just one plane, just two different sides of it.

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That’s my misunderstanding, but that is interesting.


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