KLM misfortune / Toncontin approach


The flight started on 13OCT20 at 1:30 CEST and ended with a brutal crash at 10:30 CEST due to a window exlosion, provoking the body to break in 2 parts, within 30 minutes before landing at Amsterdam. (The truth is that IF crashed when I opened Instagram in backround)

Server: Training
Flight time: 9:30
Route: ZBAA - EHAM

American Airlines / MIA-TGU

I did a flight with a mexican mate from Miami to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Also known as Toncontín, a dangerous airport for its approach. Well, the airplane you see behind me is a random Avianca that made me go around as he was trying to land at the same time I was.

Server: Training
Flight time: 2 hours
Route: KMIA - MHTG


A depressurization doesn’t cause a crash, nor do we have this implemented in the sim. So it was a pilot-caused crash. 😉

I forgot to put a bracket, read again ;)

Still, a depressurization doesn’t cause a crash.

Both of those pictures are pretty cool! I haven’t flown the Toncontin approach before, I’ll have to try that one out! Despite the tragedy of de-pressurization, that KLM shot is just stunning!

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Im flying right now to Toncontin, its a nice approach that you only can do manually!

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Now better?