Klm members

Any KLM airline members here?

like the va? or the real airline?

VA of course! πŸ˜€ would like to flight of two or three to a destination as KLM . πŸ˜€

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oh alright i got a bit confused since there are quite a few posts asking for real pilots on here πŸ˜…

Well I am but not a Boeing 777 IRL :)

Hi there, I am a flight instructor at AFKLMVA! AFKLM is compromised of 5 airlines: Air France, KLM, HOP!, Transavia, and Martinair. We have been voted the best VA multiple years in a row and currently have almost 200 pilots! We commonly engage in events and community flying with over 2,000 routes and 34 aircraft to choose from. The link to apply is here


Thank you very much!

That’s a damn good response!


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