KLM MD-11. Took 22 hours 43 min AMS to LPB and last to AMS

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-KCB) named ”Maria Montessori” McDonnell Douglas MD-11.
Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Kaagbaan runway, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Portugal 🇵🇹.

La Paz, Bolivia 🇧🇴.

El Alto International Airport.

La Paz, Bolivia 🇧🇴.

La Paz, Bolivia 🇧🇴.

Zwanenburg, Netherlands 🇳🇱.

Polderbaan runway. Vijfhuizen.

Concourse F, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-KCB) named ”Maria Montessori” MD-11 three engines (Tri-Jet).

This is my favorite of McDonnell Douglas MD-11.

La Paz, Bolivia. This airport’s highest 13,325 ft/ 4,061.5 m level, and if it’s runway takeoff for heavy load can’t jump continue to jet the edge quickly that moment a little bit light high plane.

KLM hometown and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱.



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Flight: N/A.
Flight Time 22 hours 43 minutes.
Server: Full heavy - I have no idea what is it number…
Aircraft/Airline: McDonnell Douglas MD-11. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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Hold up. You basically went on a full route from and back to Amsterdam?

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@Ezzie Yes, I did. My phone just hold up to continue hours non stop. Took 11+ hours, it isn’t a real story and it’s creating the game simulation pickup for direction.

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