KLM MD-11 moonshots

Heya folks,

Yesterday was IFATC at home and didn’t do much that day, to still enjoy the day I decided to fly a pattern with a KLM MD-11 (favourite plane).
Since EHAM wasn’t open at the time I did the pattern I decided to just do the pattern at Eindhoven because that one has MD-11 size gates.

I spawned in, got ready for the pattern. It was a long taxi to runway 03. @Julius97 was also doing patterns :)
After he did his touch and go I took off remaining in the pattern.

Only did 1 as the airport got empty pretty fast, but it still created some nice shots.

Flight Details

KLM Md-11


Julius doing is touch and go

takeoff moonshot

Thanks for viewing😊

Enjoy your day😄


Stunning shots!

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Thanks mate😊


Really nice shots again mate, well done!

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Thank you 😊