KLM MD-11. EHAM - ZUDC - EHAM. Took 16 h 39 min

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (PH-KCB) named ”Maria Montessori” MD-11 three engines (Tri-Jet).

Daocheng Yading Airport, Garze, China the top world highest airport rank number 1: 14,472 ft/ 4,411 m the highest level airport.

Took 16 hours 39 min AMS to DCY and last to AMS.

Garze, China. This airport’s highest 14,472 ft/ 4,411 m level, and if it’s runway takeoff for heavy load can’t jump continue to jet the edge quickly that moment a little bit light high plane.

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G Gate, AMS Airport.

36L Polderbaan.

Vysokovskoye, Russia.

Haixi, China.

Landing at 16 runway. Garze, China.

Takeoff from 16 runway climb. Garze, China.

Yushu, China.

Bayingolin, China.

Kokchetav, Kazakhstan.

Before Landing at 27 Buitenveldertbaan. E Gate, AMS Airport.


Very nice! Congrats on finishing a very long flight, can’t even do half that distance without my game crashing!

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@DeltaFox, Thank you! Oh nice.


Nice photos!!

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@Fung_Sum-sum, Thank you!

these are amazing!

btw I love the name given to Runway 36L/18R at AMS

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@Alboma, Thank you!

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As I looked through your pictures I was once gain amazed by the scenery in China and also on the entire route, which you managed to capture. There are mountains and high terrain, but also desserts with otherworldly colours. Thanks for sharing these cool pictures, always impressive!

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Greats Shots wow 🤩🙏🏻

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@JulianB, yes thank you!

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Love flying into unique airports, great job, and nice shots!

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