KLM McDonnell Douglas MD-11

II think they will add this livery, it is really awsome!


This is such a majestic livery, i am so lucky to have flown this aircraft 4 times.


I have never flown with KLM, but i did fly with Martinair one time and that was with the MD-11 or the DC-10

If you have liked this Topic please vote for it, too. So the chances for it getting added will most likly increase

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How do you vote, i am not able to do it.

Click the blue “vote” button in the top left corner of the page just above the title. If the blue button says “limit” this means you’ve reached the limit for the number of votes you can submit based on your trust level.

More information below:

This is a duplicate topic

Can you link the duplicate to here? I believe none has requested this before Louis

Well actually, it was the DC-10 that was requested. Sorry

Thanks, i kit works on my tablet but not on my phone, i keep pressing on the title and the amound of votes.

There’s not just KLM for MD11, UPS, FedEx, Martinair cargo, Delta airlines, Iberia, Alitalia, Swissair and Thai Airways are all important MD11 and iconic liveries ;)


There are other requests for that, if you dig around the forums you should find them =)

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Ok, gonna search for them ;) thx for telling mate :)

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It is confirmed

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