Klm group flight

I stand at 3 pm (netherland time schedule) on KLAX and i wait 15 min bevore I puceback. At the playground server.
Her is an site to look the time: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com
I live in the netherlands
My callsign is emirates cargo 111 super, my name is joost laarhoven. I stand dear in a 747-400 KLM
I stand at terminal 7, gate 70A plzz dont spawn on that gate.
Plzz com in an KLM skin!
And say if you come or not
Joost laarhoven

I stand in this plane:
image <img

this is one choise you can take this plane:

If you want we can make a short flight from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. I will be a 737.

Als je wil kunnen wij samen een kort hop van Rotterdam naar Amsterdam doen.
Ik zal een 737 zijn.

It dont stops, plzz come at 3pm i had make an mistake becous i had to go to the dentist TOMORROW 3pm, YESSS :) :) :)

Lol a KLM event out of LAX 😂.

Long live the DC-9

Yes but 3 minutes until evreon can join.

AMSTERDAM is not populair.

At the playground server

10 minutes befor puceback

I’m at Rotterdam right now intended to fly into EHAM (Playground), it’s your choice if you stay at LAX or rather come with me.

You knownyou can just edit your post instead of making 5 new ones.

Long live the DC-9!

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When comes this event
Waneer komt dit event?

What i am sorry

I come to KLAX whit a 777
Ik kom met een Boeing 777

Not this event but an other i invite you
Niet dit event maar een ander ik ga je er voor inviten

Oké welke dan?
Oké witch than?

This one:
Zoek bij events.
Er komen zowizo 5 tot 7 mensen op af!