KLM flying over Himalayas

Have you ever dreamt of seeing Mount Everest? Then you need to fly over Kathmandu Airport, the scenic flight is the ultimate experience you will never imagine.

B747-400 KLM Flight 220 depart from Beijing to Amsterdam

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In what picture is Mt. Everest?

Nice, must’ve been bumpy.

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2nd & 3rd, approaching Mt Averest. 1st pic just flying over Kathmandu Airport

Depends if u go for higher less bumpy. I personally prefer lower altitude between 10000 - 12000 feet just to enjoy the perfect scenery.

Thank you IF teams…

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Very, very nice

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Great photos! Just a liiiitle problem. Pretty sure KLM will sue you for bringing a flight over the Himalayas, but you can keep that aside for later:)


Nice pics! I was just there a few days ago. That entire region of the world has some of the best scenery you can ever hope to have; with any aircraft.

Although, I do have to admit that I actually had no idea which of the many tall mountains in that area was Everest. I’m just not familiar with that part of the world.

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Beautiful pictures! Did you just go southwest from Beijing, do some scenic flying above the Himalayas, and then fly northwest to Amsterdam?