KLM E175 Amsterdam to London ft. Dan

Busy is an understatement for the situation at Amsterdam just now. I was lucky to have departed around the same time as @Dan , which meant the entire escort party of E175s, F/A-18s and F-22s was right behind me all along. The highlight was landing at Runway 27R at Heathrow, where Dan was next in line on approach behind me. The tower controller was hell bent on me vacating the runway ASAP after landing 🤣

KLM E175 Flyout with AFKLM @ EHAM

  • Callsign: KLM 987
  • Embraer E175 (of course!)
  • Amsterdam Schiphol (EHAM) to London Heathrow (EGLL)
  • Flight time: 50 mins
  • Departure Runway 24, Arrival Runway 27R

A sea of blue!

There were more aircraft than visible in some of these screenshots. Unfortunately I think there’s a limit to the number of aircraft that can be shown at once during replay.

Spot the Dreamliner

Looks dangerously close but rest assured there was at least 1,000ft spacing

Landing at a windy Heathrow

Taxiing behind Dan!

Oops, no gate to park at…Dan’s on the left of the photo, parked beside the Alitalia


Really nice shots mate ! ;) Hope you enjoyed the event and this interesting flight ! Not surprising you didn’t find a parking spot, it was really busy I guess :)

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Actually it is because Dan just parked there ;) There were in fact more than sufficient gates at Heathrow when I arrived.

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Amsterdam however is a completely different story…gates were absolutely filled to the brim. Never experienced something like this before. Fun and novel experience!

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Nice trip report


Thank you, happy you liked it