KLM Delays 747 Combi Retirement & Resumes Flights

KLM has announced the Boeing 747 Combi will return to service with cargo-only flights.

KLM has announced it will relaunch 747 Combi flights as part of an agreement with Royal Philips and the Dutch government to create a special cargo air bridge between the Netherlands and China.

Beginning April 13, KLM will launch cargo-only flights from Amsterdam to both Beijing and Shanghai using the 747 Combi. KLM will return two 747 Combis to service, but it’s currently unconfirmed which registrations will be flying.

AMS to Beijing will operate 2x weekly while AMS to Shanghai will operate 3x weekly. These flights will add 250 tonnes of extra cargo capacity each way per week.

These 747 Combi flights will last for six to eight weeks, carrying crucial medical supplies from China to the Netherlands.

Ironically, the day before the KLM 747 retirement, I posted this video on why KLM should cancel or at least postpone 747 retirement.

The quick summary of it is that a former KLM executive, Stan Wraight, wrote a letter to KLM requesting the airline to postpone the 747 retirement as the aircraft would be crucial for the upcoming period in redistributing medical supplies. Looks like it came true. You can view the full letter here

Full KLM Press Release: https://news.klm.com/klm-and-philips-establish-special-cargo-air-bridge-between-amsterdam-and-china/

While it’s sad to see these aircraft won’t be operating passenger services, it’s awesome to see them return temporarily to carry important medical supplies to battle COVID-19.

I guess this means you can still spot the 747 Combi for a few more weeks.


Thank you KLM!

There is light at the end of the tunnel!

What a way to wake up to!


Happy AvGeek Noises


I heard it on the Dutch news :)
This is amazing, they can live a little while longer


Wow Qantas and KLM do be pranking us with these retirements…
Just goes to show what a useful and versatile aircraft the 747 is.


Yay! Hopefully KLM will decide to keep them longer than the current 6 - 8 weeks…


The only thing I don’t get is, if they are still good to fly. Then why retire them in the first place. 😡😡

Their first plan was to retire them next year, but due to financial problems because of COVID-19 they decided to retire them earlier.
Due to COVID-19 there is a lot of cargo to be transported (think of medicines) and since the 747 is the perfect cargo plane, as it has a very large cargo capacity, they decided to use it for cargo so it can fly a little while longer

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Lol we just got pranked. Bet all y’all that recreated the “last route” last fnl feels weird now


Technically they recreated the last passenger flight ;)

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Now that’s a big April fools prank. Glad do see the KLM 747’s flying for a bit longer.

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The Queen lives on. Long live the Queen.

Me too, our prayers have been answered!

Planning on going spotting at Schiphol next week to try catch this beast…

According to KLM’s most recent schedule update, the 747-400(PAX) will continue operating until May 30, 2021, to Paramaribo, as a 5x weekly service, although further changes are highly likely…

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Yea… they probably haven’t bothered changing that yet lol

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So will they still be flying or is it just a mistake in the schedule?

Likely a mistake. KLM probably hasn’t fully updated their schedule that far yet.

Everything’s in flux right now with the crisis so they’re probably working on the scheduled for the next few months.

First resumption flight just took off from AMS.

PH-BFT which is apparently operating AMS-ICN-PEK.

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