KLM Callsign Pronunciation

##KLM callsign pronunciation

Currently in game the KLM callsign is spoken as ‘Kilo Lima Mike’ rather than ‘KLM’…Could this be amended, I cannot be the only person who is irritated by this?

Like to agree!


I get annoyed too. It should be Kay-El-Em. IIRC there’s the same issue with DHL.


I always thought this was caused by people making a custom callsign as Kilo Lima Mike instead of using the airline callsign to make it sound properly. But if this is what is happening this should be fixed in an upcoming update along with other atc and live flight fixes.

I totally agree!
If you want to post it here, it will get changed with the next callsign update
Absent/Missing Callsigns Revised

If you’re on iOS, try this…


Then add a new entry, enter phrase as ‘KLM’ and substitution as ‘Kay Ell Emm’


Sadly does not work mate! just tried now.

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They should use it’s full name…Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij…:}


Fishing for likes, I see?

But in all seriousness I do agree.


Feature posts work in such a way that the more likes they receive the more likely they are to be implemented.

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@Jan i believe this was one of your peeves as well !

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First off, I was kidding.

Second off, most people know by now that to like means agree. Let’s stop bickering now before this results in the thread getting locked and both of us getting in trouble :P


I am. You used to be able to avoid this but not anymore…

Yes this drives me crazy.

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The same problem goes to EVA Air also. In real world aviation, it’s pronounced “Eee-vaa” while in the sim it’s “Echo Victor Alpha.” Totally support this, you earn a like.

This is also the case with the EVA call sign, as I just noticed! Would be great if this got changed!!!

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