KLM Boeing 777-200ER Old Livery


I just wanted to make sure it did.


It didn’t come back.


@jarno80 the livery didn’t return


So, I hate to say this, and I know the devs are currently full with support topics, the Android release and servers, etc.
But… the livery wasn’t added. I hope they add it soon however, because it is needed now more than ever with the release of global :)


Yeah I just noticed that it still isn’t back… Any news on it’s return?


Nope still no news idk why they cant just add it with the trijet update


They might, we don’t know. I hope they do, I really miss the livery.
Let’s see if someone from the FDS staff is willing to address the issue. If not, I’m afraid we’re going to have to treat this like every other feature request.


Why was this even taken out of IF?


They took it out by mistake I think. A developer said it will be added back in the Global update. However, it didn’t happened :/


I think they took it out on purpose because it’s been so long since it’s taken out and they still haven’t added it yet. Maybe one of the devs has some grudge against the KLM 772 lol.


@Laura please just add this livery with the next update you dont understand how much the community loves the 772 klm livery, its essential for so many routes, idk why you’s would remove such a highly used livery on the 772…:(


Don’t tag Laura, and don’t just complain for the livery to come back, it will come back, so you just got to be patient


And now is 6 months ince you said it will be back ASAP where is it???


ASAP does not mean immediately. ASAP means as soon as possible, so maybe it wasn’t possible to bring it with global. ASAP can mean a day to decades.


The file is still there so Idk what takes so long


Yes however it means there is a sense of priority/urgency. I have not seen a single update about this since then which is very disappointing.


I have to agree with @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF.
I am 150% aware that FDS has their hands full right now, but anything is better than not giving an update in my opinion. I am not saying that they can’t do it, but as Ark said, it is disappointing.


literally they could just chuck it in with the md11/dc10 update and add a note saying “added liveries to 777”


Old Livery > New Livery
I want it back


This is so weird. It was removed 1 year ago, there have been 3 updates since and no sign of returning. What’s going on?