KLM Boeing 777-200ER Old Livery


I honestly don’t understand why they removed it


Maybe it wasn’t modeled correctly


When it was on the game it was perfect


So was the space shuttle, but I won’t bring that up…oops


i dont know why this livery dissapeared. this was a really nice livery
if someone knows why please tell me, iwanna know


I feel like I have to revive this. I really can’t understand why they took it off, but it doesn’t matter. I want this livery back!


I miss this airplane as I used to fly it a lot.


Yeah it’s a shame it’s gone. I really did like it


The plane was never removed; the file still exists


How exactly do you know that?
If it’s true then… idk…


It’s in the game files


Where are the game files? GitHub?


I decided to jailbrake my phone


Lol 😂. I hope your phone doesn’t break then!


It pretty much is broken… the warranty, the original operating system 😂
I still wonder why this was removed?


Sorry for numbing this up again, but I really feel like this needs more attention.

A devs/livery creator/editor explanation would be the best case scenario

Some more votes might convince FDS to bring it back!


It’s a mix up from our end. It will be added back asap.Thanks for bringing it up.

Boeing 777 Family Rework
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All Confirmed Global Features // Global Q&A
772 KLM

Thank you
Great news! I’ve missed it in those busy Amsterdam nights!


Will this livery still return?


Just 1 post above is where your answer is