KLM Boeing 777-200ER Old Livery


I want this livery back:(!!


You probably should simply keep the discussing in the support topic.


Contribute in this article


He is making a feature request, the link you provided is in the support category because OP thought it was a bug and something was wrong.


Apologies, I didn’t know he was making a feature request :/


It is a bug. it dispappered


Its not a bug if it was deliberately removed by FDS


But when I was on live on my unupdated version LiveFlight recognised me as in a 772 of KLM.


Live flight is not made by the same people as infinite flight so it has a flaw that needs to be fixed


It has to receive data from IF showing i’m in a KLM 772 not an unknown aircraft.


Like i said it is probably a flaw in the live flight system there can always be flaws


Infinite Flight should not be sending signals from a removed plane.


Well we dont and wont know what has happened to the livery so we should quit discussing it and just wait until FDS five us info about it


This needs an answer.


Discussion about the 787 is for another topic


i miss this one alot why devs why do you remove it please re add it


Shame it’s gone.
I’d like it back too.


Yes, I want it back.


This needs a bump. I loved this livery and it’s gone for no apparent reason.


It’s gone because it is an old livery