KLM Boeing 737-800

I know, maybe this is a duplicate topic, I’m sorry, but in real I’m going to fly with KLM Boeing 737-800 very much, and if you add KLM to the 737-800, you make me more than happy!


What do you like about the KLM 737-800

Can you not just fly the 739?

Seems a little pedantic given the bucket loads of other requests. But, none the less; something for those KLM fleet fans.


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I’m going to fly with KLM next saturday and sunday and more

There is the air France by the A318, A319 and A320 and KLM by the 737 and 739, so it will be nice that the KLM Will be added the the 738

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Nice to see also B738 retro

Maarten Visser photos