KLM Boeing 737-800 New Livery

Alright guys, so here’s a feature request that has been in previous topics within the community but for me it didn’t really get much success or hasn’t showed any specifics about it.

Although we have gotten the -700 and the -900 on the KLM livery, the -800 needs to be included to the sim. KLM has more B738s in service than the B737 (12 in service) and B739 (5 in service) with 31 currently flying in the skies.

Personally, having a 737-700 or the 737-900 in the livery alone is not enough. Majority of the European routes flown irl are served with a mixture of all 737NG variants but most of the time it’s operated by the -800. Same situation we had with Delta’s A320 where routes flown with that aircraft irl were used with the A319s or A321s in the sim which made it unrealistic but that has now been sorted since we finally have the livery for it.

The KLM Dolphin livery looks really good on the B738 and I do adore this one more than the old livery. Thing is I hoped for this livery to come to the 20.1 release last year but that didn’t happen. There’s no difference with the design on the winglets, engines and the tail but only on the fuselage where there are slight changes such as the AirFranceKLM logo coloured in white and the KLM logo with “Royal Dutch Airlines” beside it. It’s on the B737 as well.

Anyways, if you guys like to see this in the sim, please vote and let me know your thoughts about it.

Credit: Akbarali Mastan
Akbarali Mastan | Personal Gallery | Planespotters.net

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how has no one bumped this yet?! this beautiful livery deserves to be in the 738 in IF

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Would love to have this. The -700 and -900 aren’t as important in the klm fleet as the -800.


Definitely a needed livery as most of there 737 fleet are 800ng if added we will have the whole 737 KLM fleet 💙💙🇳🇱